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Zenith Conservatories are always looking for a new writer with great capabilities and ideas to move the industry of conservatories forward and make our readers understand more about the industry and how the products and services can be beneficial to their homes.

If you’ve got a great idea for an article or post, it would be great to hear from you and get you involved with the magazine to write about your ideas and discuss further opportunities.

As this is the business of building and designing conservatories, there are endless topics to write about. Even if you just have writing capabilities and knowledge about conservatory design and style, it would be great to hear from you to see how you can work with the magazine.

What You Would Need to Apply

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Writers who have extensive knowledge of the conservatory industry can apply. To be able to apply as a writer, you would need to know about all design and styling elements involved with the industry. Knowledge of how suppliers and service providers are operating in the UK would be a great benefit.

UK residency is required due to the workings of the industry being different from each country. With weather changes and garden spaces being different, you need knowledge on how the UK is using and designing conservatories and what the main uses would be to clients.

To work with Zenith Conservatories, all applicants will need to be able to submit exemplary work or drafts of their specific ideas to showcase their knowledge on the industry and how it can be beneficial to this magazine.

Applicants may be required to go through tests if the drafts and examples are on par with the expected quality of information and articles.

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